It’s time to unleash your creativity

You live and breathe Photoshop and Illustrator. You consider yourself an expert in digital design. You’re looking for a new place to call home.

We don’t care about your years of experience, or the calibre of clients you’ve worked with in the past. We hire people who are low-ego, high-energy, and who want to push their creative boundaries to craft things they never thought possible. Boundless freedom means boundless creativity. And at Jubble, you get both.

Unleash your creativity. Find out more below.

Admin Assistant

Master of everything

Our Admin Assistant will be the person who knows everything about everything. Admin, market research, social media management, you name it; a Master-Of-All who’s not afraid to learn new skills, stay on their toes, and get stuck in to help out the whole team.

Our team revolves around dreaming big – and you’ll be at the centre of it all.

Your dream job? We thought so. Find out more below.

App Developer

Be there from the very start

Wave goodbye to archaic code, back-end nightmares and out-dated processes. Say hello to fresh ideas from top Developers, and the freedom to explore new ideas without limits.

Jubble is an office you’ll actually enjoy working in. We give you the freedom to work how you want, because we all just want to get sh*t done. Flexi-working, decent offices, a zero micro- management policy, and a chance to bring your ideas to the table to create something new.

Surely you don’t need any more convincing than that? Find out more below.

Back-end Developer

Calling all experts

If back-end development sparks your passion, then we’ve got the role for you.

Our core value is that we only hire experts; experts who have the drive, vision and expertise to launch Jubble higher than we can ever imagine – and at lightning speeds. This is your chance to work with the highest calibre of team mates, inspired by three things: having fun, collaborating and making awesome stuff happen.

What are you waiting for? Find out more below.

Data Scientist

Using data-driven insights to lead the way

We understand how crucial data analysis is for our mission, which is why we’re on the look-out for a top Data Scientist to join Jubble HQ.

We’re an open-minded team united by a single goal: creating a workplace culture that not only makes you want to get out of bed in the morning, but gives you the freedom and inspiration to create things you never thought possible. You’ll be surrounded by curious, humble and driven team-mates, constantly pushing the boundaries to create something the world didn’t even know it needed.

This is your moment. Find out more below.

DevOps & AWS Lead

Your future starts here

If you dream of using your talents and expertise to get a start-up into top shape, then we’ve got the role for you.

We know, we know, you’ve heard that before: but here’s something you won’t have heard before. We’re keen to invest in top quality DevOps right from the beginning. We know how expensive it is to fix mistakes later on down the line, so we’re relying on you to use your expertise and take the lead on this one. What do you get in return? Well, you’ll get to work in an office that gives you the freedom to do your best work – without being burdened by years of historic tech debt or overpowering bureaucracy.

Find out more below.

QA Lead

Quality Assurance like nothing we’ve ever seen before

We’re not looking for a good QA Lead. We’re looking for the best QA Lead in the country.

Someone with an unrivalled eye for detail. Someone who knows how to get a team up-to-standard in record times. Someone who is energised by the fact that they’ve just launched a product that is 100% market ready. Someone who works fast, adapts to changing priorities and keeps team spirits high.

This is your moment. Find out more below.

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